Applications may be made to the correspondent, Mr. P.B. Shone, at any time by letter (not by e-mail), though preferably in the last two or three months of the calendar year.  Enquiries prior to any application may be made by e-mail.

There is no application form.  Applications may be sent at any time and should be accompanied by the latest Report & Accounts of the applicant organisation.  If these are very bulky, in the interest of economy they will be examined on the Charity Commission website instead.

Applicants should note that, at their main annual meeting, which takes place in the first few months of each year, the Trustees consider applications received up to 31st December the previous year but do not carry them forward.  Having regard for the time of year when this meeting takes place, it makes sense for applications to be made as late as possible in the calendar year so that the information they contain is most up to date when the Trustees meet.  It would be preferable, from all points of view, if applications were made only in the last quarter of the calendar year.

Applications should be addressed to the correspondent by name and sent to the address shown on the contact page.

The Trustees receive a very substantial number of appeals each year.  It is not their practice to acknowledge appeals, and they prefer not to enter into correspondence with applicants other than those to whom grants are being made or from whom further information is required.  Only successful applicants are notified of the outcome of their application.

Applicants should note from the Guidelines section that grants from 2017 income will be decided in the early part of 2018, according to long-established procedure.  There will be a final opportunity to make applications up to 30th June 2018, after which it will be too late to apply.